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Attention Field of Dreams Movie Fans!

Did you know that the character of Doc "Moonlight" Graham, played by Burt Lancaster in the movie, was a real person? It's True! In addition, a scholarship fund was set up in Doc Graham's name back in 1992, funded by the sale of these baseball cards! Since then, six additional trading cards have been produced. These seven cards are now available by mail at $3.00 per card, post paid.

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Rookie_Card The Doc Graham "Rookie" Card. The card front photograph depicts Graham in his 1905 New York Giants Uniform. This photo was mentioned in W.P. Kinsella's novel Shoeless Joe. The card also includes a facsimile of Doc's signature!

World_Series "What if Moonlight Graham had played in the 1905 World Series?" Includes beautiful four-color artwork and foil-enhanced lettering. Graham quit the NY Giants and returned to medical school during the 1905 season. But what if Graham had stayed on the team, a team destined to win the 1905 World Series?

Ghost_Players The Ghost Players Come to Chisholm After Field of Dreams hit the movie theatres, a group of ballplayers from Dyersville, Iowa, home of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, continued the Legend of the Ghost Players in the movie by appearing at the Movie Site in vintage 1919 Chicago White Sox uniforms and by barnstorming across the US to conduct baseball clinics and play exhibition games. In 1994 they appeared in Chisholm, Minnesota, and posed on the steps of Doc Graham's former residence. They donated the use of their image to help raise money for the Graham Scholarship Fund.

Greatness His was a life of Greatness (1996) Features Veda Ponikvar's classic editorial on Doc Graham and includes photos from the 1959 Chisholm High School Ranger Yearbook, which was dedicated to Doc. Both the editorial and the yearbook dedication were mentioned in the novel Shoeless Joe and the field Field of Dreams

Shoeless Joe Shoeless Joe Jackson! Moonlight Grahem! Play Ball! (June 1999) After his banishment from major league baseball in 1921, the late great "Shoeless" Joe Jackson played ball around the country under various assumed names. Eyewittnesses have reported that they actually watched Jackson play in Chisholm, Minnesota - during which time Doc "Moonlight" Graham was active as a player in the Chisholm city baseball leagues. So, is it possible that Jackson faced Graham on the baseball diamond? Did the two play against one another in reality before their fictitious meeting in the novel Shoeless Joe and in the film Field of Dreams?

The Doc Graham Postcard (1997) This simple, one color postcard sports an illustration of the Old Doc Graham. Cost of the postcard (which includes postage and handling) is three cards for $1.00!

Shoeless Joe It Ain't So! (June 1995) Originally produced for the owners of the Field of Dreams Movie site in Dyersville, Iowa, this card briefly explores "Shoeless" Joe Jackson's alleged participation in the 1919 World Series scandal, ultimately revealing his innocence! The Graham Scholarship Fund is proud to offer this card as part of the Doc "Moonlight" Graham set.

Dream Dirt Dream Dirt! Own a tiny bit of baseball nostalgia by purchasing a tube of actual earth from the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville, Iowa, where the now classic movie Field of Dreams was filmed! If you've never made the pilgramage to The Field itself, this is the absolute next best thing! Cost is $5.00 Postpaid

Kinsella's Search Kinsella's Search for Moonlight Graham (2002) A true movie tie-in where fantasy meets reality! Trace author W.P. Kinsella's search for Graham in Chisholm and learn how his short story "Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa" became the novel Shoeless Joe, which the basis for the film Field of Dreams. Glued to each laminated card are pieces of Chisholm's main street, taken from in front of the newspaper office in which Kinsella began his search - pieces of the street that Kinsella and Graham walked upon! The card is dedicated to Doc Graham's former nurse, France Russ.

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Since 1994, the Doc Graham Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to two deserving Chisholm High School graduating seniors - one boy and one girl - who have demonstrated outstanding service to their community and school and who possess remarkable potential for the future. The scholarship amount is $500.00 for each recipient.

The Graham Scholarship Fund is a non-profit fund, with all monies received through the sale of the Graham cards going directly into it.

To purchase the cards, please send $3.00 per card, postpaid (Or $21 for all 7)

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